Why Taco Bell’s 1 Million App Downloads Could Be More Important Than Their 10 Million Facebook Fans

I’ll admit it, I might be out of Snapchats target demo. I don’t use the app that much, but whenever I do open it I check out the latest snap from Taco Bell.… Continue reading

Biz Stone’s Super: The App Users Deserve, But (Maybe) Not the One They Need Right Now

When you’ve done great things before, it’s only natural for people to look at every thing after that and compare new ventures to those previously-successful ones. When you’re Biz Stone, a founder of… Continue reading

Logo Party (and How I Tried Fiverr)

I kept getting ads in my Facebook News Feed for “Fiverr” the online marketplace where you can get pretty much anything done for $5 (or more). I haven’t really ever had a need… Continue reading

Audi Uses Snapchat for Latest Social Campaign

It may be filled with selfies and slightly NSFW content, but brands are starting to dip their toes in the Snapchat water… or, in Audi’s case, they’re taking a flying leap off the… Continue reading

Will People Keep Using #AmazonCart? Maybe

  When Amazon announced their #AmazonCart integration with Twitter, the internet nearly tripped over itself in lauding the inevitable coming of age of social shopping. But, what’s really going on? Our team at… Continue reading

Moving Forward

It’s been a while. Actually, it hasn’t been all that long, but a lot has happened.  In the past couple weeks, I left my job at IPG Mediabrands as the head of Spring… Continue reading

Seattle Council’s Limit on App-Assisted Rideshares Is a Blow for Tech Innovation and Competition

Ugh… How can a city with so much potential, momentum, and energy get things so wrong sometimes? This afternoon, the Seattle City Council approved driver limits on app-powered ride sharing services like UberX,… Continue reading

How BuzzFeed Could Become the Next Big Publishing Platform

Animals is the new Leisure section – Jon Steinberg, COO BuzzFeed 10 Reasons Your Older Sister Is the Worst. 32 Reasons Why Boat Shoes Are the Best. 17.5 Reasons Why Decimals Are Awesome.… Continue reading


A little over a year ago, Camille (my amazingly patient and supportive wife) and I packed up our lives (in 9 checked bags) and moved to London. Now, in a few weeks, we’ll… Continue reading

Facebook Brings Richer Targeting to Ads: Location, Demographics, Interests, and Behaviors

Facebook’s focus this year, in the advertising space, has been all about giving brands the tools they need to reach and engage their target audiences. With their latest announcement, Facebook furthered this push… Continue reading