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America Checks In (and Tweets) at the Polls for Election 2012

By the end of today we’ll (hopefully) know who will be leading our country for the next four years – along with a number of other important races/initiatives. This year is really being… Continue reading Brings Infographics to the Masses

Infographics are everywhere these days, not just in the pages of USA Today., recently launched publicly as a place to share, view, and post infographics. They even have a Labs section that… Continue reading

One of these is true: Zuck is Bored or Sponsored Stories Aren’t Selling Well

Just had this “Sponsored Story” pop up when I signed in to Facebook. Yes, that’s Beast… yes, Mark Zuckerberg‘s dog. Either Mark (or his girlfriend) is bored or Sponsored Stories aren’t quite selling… Continue reading

HomeAway Gets Social with Second Porch Purchase

One of the largest vacation rental portals around, HomeAway, increased their focus on social-aided vacationing with a purchase of Portland-born Second Porch. Second Porch, started in 2009, uses your social graph to help… Continue reading

Facebook/Google Battle for the Hearts, Minds, + Dough of Skype

A recent Reuters piece points to talks between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as possible clues to a potential buyout or partnership between the 500+ million user social network and the Luxembourg-born communications platform.… Continue reading

Does Relevance Translate to Resonance (and More Importantly, Dollars)?

When Polaroid appointed Lady Gaga, the meat-wearing, beat-dropping, gender-bending, pop star their creative director in 2009, I thought it was kind of fun. Sure, take a visible, creative person and give them some… Continue reading

You’re Getting a New Facebook Profile – Whether You Like It Or Not

Facebook rolled out a sly little update to their profile look and feel the other day as users started seeing preview links in their homepages. The new profiles, which put a lot of… Continue reading

Facebook Places: It’s All About the Memories

Without saying it explicity, as he was seemingly fighting back tears, Chris Cox (VP or Product Management at Facebook) touched on something mankind has either subconsciously or consciously done since the dawn of… Continue reading

Openbook Plays with Your Facebook Status Updates Because, Well, They Can

Facebook privacy is at the forefront of most social media conversations these days. With emphasis being put on what users can do to prevent people seeing data they want private, the Web is… Continue reading

Are Businesses Today Learning from the Underpants Gnomes?

I love Southpark. I’ve loved it since the very first episode I saw, which was on VHS. My friend Kyle brought the VHS over and I’m pretty sure we watched “Cartman gets an… Continue reading