Big Bang Theory: Geekiest Show on TV? IMHO

Cast of The Big Bang Theory

Cast of The Big Bang Theory

If you aren’t watching Big Bang Theory – start.

If you are watching Big Bang Theory, chances are you’re already clued in to just how geeky and gadget-loving awesome the show is… I give you permission to skip this article.

BBT is almost like Friends meets Bill Nye meets The Odd Couple as Sheldon and Leonard (two uber-geeks played by Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki – formerly of Rosanne) live across the hall from the flaming hot Penny (played by Kaley Cuaco). Hilarity ensues as the two geeks time and time again prove that their superior brain power doesn’t really match up well with the real-world social skills of their neighbor.

If you’re at all into anything science, tech or just plain geek- related, this show will be sure to make you laugh.

Check it out Monday nights at 8pm on your local CBS network.

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