Screen Geeks: The most-connected characters on TV

Sometimes our TV role models are the strong, leading man types. However, I’m making a case for the little-more geeky guys (and girls) out there. Let’s take a look at some of the most-connected characters on TV…

Leonard and Sheldon – Big Bang Theory


These guys are scientists for Moore’s sake. Not only are they playing around with particle accelerators on the regular, their apartment is a veritable boneyard for old and new tech. They’ve got vintage game systems (which they have a special night devoted to each week), a monstrous Dell XPS gaming laptop (definitely not listed on the Energy Star good list), nerdrobilia from some of the geekiest movies out there and… they’ve got a periodic table of the elements shower curtain, FTW.

Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother


Barney is the GQ-style of gadget hound with his iPhone and sleek electronics in his apartment. Rather than having a LCD TV hanging on his wall, his wall IS an LCD TV (“It burns my eyes” “Yeah, that doesn’t go away”). Barney also blogs like a mofo about the important things in life: ladies, sex and sex with ladies. The guy plays lasertag and devised the Hot/Crazy scale, which is basically the Moore’s Law of hot women.

Stewie – Family Guy


While I haven’t really seen Stewie walking around with an iPod in his jumper pocket, you can’t argue that the slightly-effeminate little guy has a way with technology. He’s already mastered time travel, ray guns, and a host of other tech… all before being potty trained. Well done, good sir. Now, if he can only find a way to kill that blasted Lois.

Chloe – 24


Chloe is a tech geek’s wet dream. She can find a way around the heartiest of firewalls and do it all while looking only slightly weird. Now out of the confines of CTU and working on an all-Mac setup, you can bet she’ll be tossing caution to the wind… all at the speed of a dedicated T1 line.

Peyton Sawyer – One Tree Hill


I had to add Peyton. She’s hot and she’s always showing kids on the CW the newest in cell phone tech. Remember when she used her phone to find out what song was playing? That was BEFORE Shazam was even on the iPhone… hell, that was in the days of Cingular. Remember them?

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