Digital Dear Johns and Janes


The “Dear John (or Jane)” is alive and well my friends… just not in paper form anymore. Sadness.

I’m officially stating my love for digital dating and saying that if I have something important to say to you, I’ll do so in a digital format. Date? eVite. Special message? Facebook wall post. Updates on where I am to keep you from calling me? Twitter.

Have you ever been broken up with or broken up with someone in a funny or unconventional way? I once knew a guy that put a toy dump truck on his GF’s doorstep with a note. Another guy baked a cake in the shape of a phallus (look QuantumCat… I used it!). I know some of you out there have larger funny bones than others… show us.

Thank you technology for simplifying dating. Now I can get back to my real friends on the interwebs.

It also saves me from having to write, since I write like a 3 year old.


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