Think I’m a Nerd? Hardwick Puts Me to Shame


I’m sitting here trying to think of the first time I got a full-frontal assault from the juggernaut that is Chris Hardwick… eff it, it was probably on G4 or something.

It goes without saying that I am a geek, a nerd, a dweeb, a wonk – whatever. I don’t really mind these tags as I kind of wear them as a badge of honor. Well, if badges are what we’re collecting, I’m still in the Webelos and Hardwick is the grand master Eagle Scout emeritus.

His site, is a gathering of all things awesome in the tech/science-related world. What more would you expect from a guy who started a comedy/science song writing duo called Hard ‘n Phirm?

If Ryan Seacrest in his shiny-toothed glory is the hardest working man in entertainment, I’m going to say that Hardwick is the hardest-working man in techertainment. I don’t even want to see what this guy’s Google calendar looks like he has so many balls in the air (ha, balls).

The guy is a gadget head on G4 alongside Kevin Pereira and Oliva Munn (mmmm… Munn) while balancing writing for WIRED, his band, stand-up comedy, voicing a cow on a Nickelodeon show (seriously? All we had was Eureka’s Castle and Doug), and he just learned how to solve global warming, but he’s not telling Al Gore out of spite because Gore owes him $400 from a poker game.

Well, that’s enough bromance (no, nothing to do with that crapstorm of a show on MTV) for today. Seriously though, if you’re looking for another blog to throw onto your daily list, check out Nerdist. You won’t be disappointed… well, maybe you will, but that’s not my fault.

Nope… it was Singled Out… that’s where I saw him.

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