A Place for Every App and Every App in its Place: Do You Keep a Clean House on Your iPhone?

Now, the App Store for the iPhone is something that anyone can easily go overboard with. I’ve even found myself looking to download some wonky apps just for the pure fun of it. Then, I look at my little iPhone and feel bad about crapping up the screens with useless apps.

So, I try to keep things in 3 screens: Essentials, Usefuls, and Rarely Opened.
I try to move things that I haven’t used further back in my pages about every two weeks or so. If I haven’t opened an app in two weeks, I move it. If I still don’t use it, I move it back again. If I don’t use it then, I delete it.



  • Camera – I keep this up toward the top so I don’t always accidentally finger it when I’m messing around.
  • Maps – It’s always useful to know where you’re headed, especially now that they have King County Metro routes.
  • Clock – I keep this one here mainly because I change my wake-up times pretty often.
  • Settings – Kinda obvcious, right?
  • Twinkle – I’m addicted to Twitter, even on the go.
  • Facebook – I hate MySpace, so Facebook has a spot on my first page.
  • Qik – Real-time video to the Web. Ummm… what’s next, holograms? I love this app, but you need to make sure your friends don’t whine about you posting videos to the Web. You can also send out Twitter updates as you’re filming that let people catch the live stream.
  • Night Stand – If you don’t have the $150 to blow on an iHome iPhone-capable alarm clock, this is the next-best thing. Displays a cool-looking alarm clock-esque display that can stay on all night.
  • iPod – Me like music.
  • Pandora – Let’s you easily discover new bands, songs, etc. with music suggestions based on your input.



  • Photos – I like to update my Flickr on the fly. If I’m not already in the camera app, this lets me access and e-mail the photos to Flickr for upload.
  • Calculator – If you see me messing with my iPhone when you’re talking numbers at me… I’m not ignoring you, I’m using the calculator because I am horrible at math.
  • Contacts – This is where I keep track of people I pretend to like.
  • Calendar – Don’t use this tooooo often since leaving Owen Media. Doesn’t get updated with my Outlook calendar items anymore.
  • Shazam – “Who sings this?” Never have to ask that question again with Shazam. Hold it up to a speaker and identify song, artist, album, etc. Then you can buy it on iTunes.
  • Urbanspoon – Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions for a group of people about where to eat. My solution: Urbanspoon. It’s the Magic 8-ball of dining.
  • i.TV – Sometimes I get anxiety when I don’t know what’s on TV or in theaters.
  • Weather – It’s usually pretty easy to look out a window and see what the weather is like, especially if you live in Seattle. However, sometimes I like to know what the weather is going to be like and don’t feel like watching Steve Pool.
  • Yelp – After I find a good place to eat (or what I think is a good place), I always try to Yelp about it to help others make decisions.
  • SimCity – I’m addicted. I blame Foothills Middle School for having SimCity on the computer in my classroom.

Rarely Used


  • CheckPlease – Like I said, I’m horrible at math, so sometimes I bust this out to divide up checks at brunch.
  • Notes – Although I am big into sticky notes, I don’t carry them with me all the time. Notes helps me out… and offers me a place to jot down blog ideas I get on the fly.
  • Shake Mates – Read about this on Gizmodo earlier and had to check it out (NSFW)
  • YouTube – I watch movies of monkeys falling over on my laptop, so this doesn’t get used.
  • Stocks – I don’t own stock that’s worth watching intently.
  • iTunes – Don’t do much downloading directly to my phone.
  • Cydia – App downloader for jail broken iPhones
  • App Store – Apple’s official application store
  • Installer – Another app downloader for jail broken iPhones. Not sure why there are two.

And there you have it. All my apps, all in their little places. How do you handle your apps?

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