I Think Jony Ive is High

I know we’ve all seen the iPad videos/commercials, but have you ever really listened to them? I’m guessing most people really haven’t since Jony Ive is still out roaming the streets and not locked up in some rubber room somewhere.

Magical? It’s a giant iPhone, you limey bastard, not the freaking Rosetta stone. You know what would’ve been magical? You could have listened to the millions of fanboys running around ready to shell out thousands of dollars (those are like your pounds, but less pretentious) for this thing and given it the full functionality it needs (cameras, USB, SD, etc.) instead of thinking how you were going to eff everyone in the A when you release iPad 2.0 in a year and make everyone buy a new one.

Also, am I the only one that thinks he looks stoned out of his gourd in this video?

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