Norelco Goes the Cause Marketing Route, Is Still Funny

When Norelco first came out with their body groomer a while back, the online experience site for the new product was down right hilarious. It finally took aim at something guys had been talking about in locker rooms for years – grooming – and put a face (and other parts) on it.

Now, as everyone and their uncle Jim is involved with some sort of cause marketing, Norelco brings us the “Deforest Yourself. Reforest the World.” campaign, complete with another great site that lets you find out what kind of “tree” you are while creating a decidedly naked version of yourself (complete with hot cartoon leaf holder).

Here’s the one I made (I’m calling my leaf holder Shannon… why? Why not?):

The site, while still trying to sell you a glorified razor, is pretty entertaining. I found out I was a maple tree, but I don’t remember that that means. Maybe it’s hinting that I should be Canadian?

Anyway, check out the page here:

Happy shaving.

P.S. Speaking of socially-awkward products with weird marketing, remember the ClearBlue ad that got really awesome at the end?

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