SMC You Around

One of the great things about Seattle is that you can easily find a group dedicated to pretty much any interest (professional or otherwise) you may have. One of the really great things about Seattle is that, most of the time, those groups are super-useful. That’s where SMC Seattle comes in.

In a city that’s usually at (or near) the cutting edge in technologies, Seattle is a likely spot to find a group of connected, socially-motivated individuals. However, those people aren’t always the most-welcoming group of individuals out there – not true about SMC Seattle.

When I started at Spring Creek Group two years ago, I went to my first SMC Seattle event and met a whole group of people who were just as jazzed about what was going on in this people-driven, community-focused area as I was – it was great.

Now, two years later, I have the great pleasure to serve on the board of the organization and I can’t wait to get more involved. So, thanks to all those who continue to make SMC Seattle experiences the fun and educational times they are. I look forward to keeping that tradition going. It’s actually a great honor to be representing part of the Seattle social media community and my company of Spring Creek Group – although Cody Goins is demanding to see my birth certificate.

Also, I formally forgive Kevin Urie for screwing up my last name when he announced the new board members.

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