Are We Ready for this Jelly?


You just knew that Biz was working on something pretty interesting when he announced Jelly a while back, but what came out might not have been exactly what we all we were expecting. However, I think Jelly could be really compelling – for users and brands alike.

People do this behavior all the time – “hey, what do you think about _____?” “What’s this?” You can see, already that people are experimenting with the app in the ways they ask questions and give answers.

Imagine, if you will, a year from now… The year of 2015!

Pan down on an office in San Francisco…

Biz’s app is climbing in popularity, brands are using Jelly now, for all kinds of reasons: Fashion brands are doing a “choose the outfit” promoted question to help pick what look will be front and center in their next catalog.

Jelly has acquired an image recognition company that helps notify brands when their products are featured in images, giving them a chance to answer questions – and catching attention with their “Verified” marks – linking users off to how-to videos on their YouTube page.

They’ve added the functionality to select your audience – giving people the chance to poll their friends or to choose from “expert audiences” made up of influencers and know-it-alls covering niche knowledge areas.

OK… Back to 2014.

Will all that happen? Probably not, but it’s easy to see the growth path and add-one that could grow Jelly into a must-have app for many.

Yes, it’s no Quora. Half the answers I’ve received on my questions have been jokes – but that’s OK. I do think it has the ability to pull in the younger audience, which seeks validation and input from their peer group much more than older generations. It’s also easier to navigate and the picture element plays right into how people are using mobile devices right now.

I, for one, am incredibly interested in seeing how they grow and change. Also, I’m fascinated by jellyfish.

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