Facebook Brings Richer Targeting to Ads: Location, Demographics, Interests, and Behaviors


Facebook’s focus this year, in the advertising space, has been all about giving brands the tools they need to reach and engage their target audiences. With their latest announcement, Facebook furthered this push – adding targeting options for location, demographic, interests, and behaviors to the Core Audiences targeting options.

Additionally, they’re adding Partner Categories to the Ads Create Tool, bringing these targeting options to local businesses as well as larger brands.

These enhancements mean benign able to perhaps target users who have been married in the last 3 months as opposed to those who are simply “married.”

Brands looking to deliver business-focused messages can now look at places of employment and job title as targeting criteria as well – perhaps encroaching on some of the ad dollars set aside for LinkedIn.

For now, this is rolling out (slowly) globally, so get in touch with your Facebook reps about ETA in your area.

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