Moving Forward


It’s been a while. Actually, it hasn’t been all that long, but a lot has happened.

In the past couple weeks, I left my job at IPG Mediabrands as the head of Spring Creek UK, packed up our belongings (in 8 checked bags), flew across the Atlantic (and Canada), and moved in with my wife’s parents (ultra glam, I know).

Moving home has given my wife and I a chance to be closer to family as some developments arose during our time in London – that’s the ultimate reason for leaving.

The thing I’m really excited about, though, is joining the team at Simply Measured.

I’ve been a #SimplyFanboy for quite a while, after meeting CEO Adam Shoenfeld years ago. At Spring Creek Seattle, we worked closely with Simply Measured as they grew and continued offering incredible reporting to augment (and empower) our in-house teams.

I started my career in PR, so I’ve written a FAQ to help with the details:

What’s your title?
Director of Client Services

What do you do all day?
I work with an awesome team that sits under Mari-Frances Bentvelzen, our VP of Account Services, that focuses on helping our clients build reports (dashboards, scorecards, you name it) that fall outside the scope of the current Simply Measured product suite (which is awesomely extensive). We are a small, but determined team made up of hardcore analysts and ex-marketers (that’s me). So, let’s same Jim owns a string of BBQ restaurants and puts a lot of time into social. He wants to see how his sales data meshes with the love their seeing on social. So, he comes to our team and we dig into their customer-side ERP system and start looking for correlations and a great way to show the relationship. After we’re all done, Jim has a report that clearly shows him that when his team puts out promotional deals on Facebook and Twitter, they see a 20% lift in per-ticket totals the following weekend. Jim’s gonna need more ribs.

Can I have a job?
If it were just up to me, sure! We do have a ton of roles open right now though and a super-smart HR team. Learn more about the company and check out the open roles here:

Why did you leave advertising, Ron?
I actually don’t look at it as leaving advertising behind, because I actually get to work with brands and agencies to help solve their problems. In fact, I think digital analytics and reporting is going to continue to be the backbone if successful brands and campaigns, and Simply Measured is going to be the leader.

What’s your favorite thing about Simply Measured so far?
The people are incredibly passionate. From the leadership team to the newest hire (of which I’m one), you can tell people are excited about what they’re doing and where the company is headed. They should be! A close second is the crazy awesome snack situation in the office.

What about Simply Measured has surprised you?
I’d have to say I was definitely floored by how much I DIDN’T know about the products and their capabilities. I’ve used Simply Measured for years, but people at Simply live and breathe this stuff and I learn more every day, from engineers, analysts, sales people, account people, and everyone in between.

What’s the meaning of life?

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