Logo Party (and How I Tried Fiverr)

I kept getting ads in my Facebook News Feed for “Fiverr” the online marketplace where you can get pretty much anything done for $5 (or more).

I haven’t really ever had a need for the service, but one of my goals is to get back into blogging more since things here are starting to slow down finally after moving from London, starting a new job, and buying our first home. So, in thinking about writing more, I wondered to myself “Self, why doesn’t this blog have a logo?”

That’s how I ended up finally clicking an app install ad on Facebook.

The process was pretty smooth.

I flipped through a bunch of “logo designers” – most of which were not U.S. based and looked to speak poor English. I’m sure they’re great at what they do, but for my first experience I wanted to have great communication.

After I submitted my order, the artist messaged me with a short questionnaire:


I answered back (and was probably super unhelpful):


Then a day later:


Just like that, four “custom” logos.

I’m not 100% sold on any, but they’re not terrible. Seeing as I paid $5 for them, I guess you get what you pay for.





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