Hacking Our Wedding: The Guest List

Well, I got engaged a while ago.

Luckily, I have the coolest fiancée ever and she let me make a blog about our story/engagement/wedding.

Also, in a quest to make getting married easier, I’ve vowed to use technology in any way possible. For me, that started with using Google Docs as a way to share and keep our guest list updated.

The gadget I installed is a pre-made gadget, but is a pretty good reminder for when we get on the doc and want to add people. Don’t worry, though… you made the cut… probably.

Beyond that, you definitely won’t “see” the ways we’re using tech to get hitched – that’s all part of the quest. However, there may or may not be a certain social media flare to our save the dates. However, check back for updates about how we’re using tech to make our wedding day easier (and hopefully more fun).


Pretty Graphic: Online Dating by the Numbers

Saw this on Mashable earlier (via OnlineSchools.org), but had to make a couple comments…

When they say that online dating is bigger than the porn industry, are they talking about the ENTIRE porn industry or just online porn? Also, I was a bit saddened that they mentioned the average visit time to a dating site, but not to a porn site (22mins. vs 2mins. probably).

The average dollar amount spent on online dating was somewhat useful. When I figure that I could be spending less than $250/year trying to find the love of my life on Match.com rather than spending $100/weekend at the bar, the ROI for online dating looks a lot more robust.

Also, great choice with the creepy-ass bear to represent the 1 out of 10 sex offenders using online dating to meet people. You spelled meet wrong, it’s MEAT.

Enjoy the pretty graphic!

Online Dating Statistics
Via: OnlineSchools.org