SXSW: A Clever Targeted Ad

Being in Austin for SXSW means getting target with a ton of ads… Usually not great ones.

However, this ad caught my eye. What happened after the click was even better… though disappointing for someone who wants to see a marriage of two of his favorite things.

And after the click…


CNN Asks “What You Got In That bag?”

No, CNN wasn’t trying to channel “Roll Out” at SXSW, but they were trying to see what makes people tick and what (literally) was in their bags.

The Persona series (Flickr link), a brainchild of Atlanta photog Jason Travis, takes a look at people and the things they care about.

CNN set up a booth in the exhibit hall at SXSW and asked you to pour the contents of your bag out for all the world to see.

I actually travel pretty light, so luckily the WIRED magazine took up enough space to fill out my grid. For a look at stats from the booth, head over here.

Also, if you’re interested in checking out photos of people who are 1) more attractive than me and 2) more important than me, head here to check out the celebs.

I’m going to start carrying more interesting stuff in my bag in case this ever happens again.

And just because I now have Luda stuck in my head…